Egyptian Hieroglyphic Bible Dictionary  Version 2

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About This Dictionary
The compiler noted a link between the history of the Bible and that of Egypt. So, the compiler decided to compile this dictionary to show the link between the two.

In October 1992, the compiler started to study Egyptian Hieroglyphics. On Halloween Eve, the compiler had a terrible stress headache and awoke the next morning with double vision. After three and a half months, the compiler recovered spontaneously, and was able to continue this work.

About Egyptian Hieroglyphics
Egyptian hieroglyphics are made up of two elements: a phonetic (alphabet) part and a semantic (ideographic and determinative, or ideographic only) part.
Most of the Egyptian hieroglyphics included in this dictionary are made up of the semantic part of words or ideas. Thoth was the god of writing and wisdom.

All the biblical words are arranged as in Edward w. Goodrick & John R. Kohienberger 111, The NIV Complete Concordance, Zondervan, 1981. All the biblical verses are referenced to The Holy Bible, New International Version, Zondervan, 1978.

All the page numbers included in this dictionary are referenced to E.A. Wallis Budge, An Egyptian Hieroglyphic Dictionary, Vol.1 & Vol.2, Dover, 1978. All whole word hieroglyphics are underlined.

Hieroglyphic Bible Dictionary

I would like to thank LPN Steve Gladhill for telling me that horses eat grain and RN Anthea Chan for telling me that lions have a big mouth.

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The Hieroglyphic Alphabet


The Meaning of Hieroglyphic Alphabet
eagle (Aquila, the Watchman) reed / knife (the god Thoth)
hand two reeds / two knives (Gnostic)
chick or coiling serpent foot (the dwelling place)
male dragon (Draco) / slug
owl (the official) water
mouth or lion (Leo) house
emperor (the rope) sun
the scrotum and tail
of a bull (the club)
door bolt
staff / uncoiled cord Garden / lake
high place the belly of a bull
throat female, moon or tear-drop
rein palm (the god Thoth)
serpent (Serpens) understood


Hieroglyphic Examples:
Alpis bull-god